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Practice Areas
Our Labour team combines in-depth knowledge, innovative thinking and commercial expertise to support your business and provides legal advice on, in-county and cross-border, transactions covering a wide range of industries, with special focus on the Oil and Gas industry.

We are not your ordinary employment law practice firm, as we endeavour to understand client needs and required support, in all circumstances, with a practical and assertive approach.

Our employment expertise associated with our extensive experience of Angola, allow us to anticipate what is likely to be acceptable by local authorities, as well as to ensure and implement concrete solutions from both a legal and a practical point of view.

In employment disputes, our Labour team is highly experienced in providing legal assistance on labour inspection proceedings and judicial court proceedings.

Our Labour-related services, among others, are as follows:

  • Drafting and negotiating employment documentation, including for key senior personnel employment related documents, such as, hiring propositions, employment promissory contracts, employment contracts, assignments, addenda, services agreements, assignment of employees position
  • Drafting and high-level advisory on internal rules-related documents, handbooks, job qualifiers, employment policies ranging from performance, sickness and misconduct procedures to maternity and parental leave structures
  • Drafting and advice on recruitment and development of employment structures
  • Employment disputes and dismissals, including extinction of job position, collective dismissals and disciplinary proceedings, including drafting relevant documentation (participation, convening notices, interview minutes, final report, final notice)
  • Complex issues involving salary equity, discrimination and restrictive covenants, pension, compensation and employee benefits as well as expertise advisory on Social Security Contributions and disputes
  • Occupational health and safety incident response and education (OSHA) structures
  • Employment litigation, including discrimination and breach of contract claims in all courts
  • Data protection and access to information
  • International employment issues including dual employment structures, immigration, visas/work permits and international mobility
  • Employment of local content requirements (Angolanization)
  • Due diligence of employment matters in mergers and acquisitions
  • Assistance on Unions Committee meetings, drafting petitions and responses in respect of Union Committees’ claims
  • Assistance on inspections from local authorities and preparation of all the relevant documentation

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